The Doppelgangaz – Boston Beard (Dopp Hopp Album)

[Verse 1: EP] Ain’t from the six side, so ain’t no Junos that were given Hide in disguise, making pruno up in prison Now you dick ride ‘cause the crew shine like a prism Now i’m fish fried, got a bish wide I, got an Arabic chick out of Mamaroneck Play the skin flute, recorder […]

Take A Mic – Boite Noire (Boite Noire Album)

[Couplet 1] Si j’veux, j’réfléchis pas, j’kicke J’dois l’faire, j’t’allume pour ma clique Meuf, ferme ta gueule, astique J’suis en train d’percer askip Devant l’micro, j’suis agile J’monte sur scène, j’suis habile J’dois faire un max de fric Comme ça, j’retourne aux abîmes Ma Saint-Laurent s’abîme C’est comme ça qu’on s’habille J’avance sur le terrain, […]

Future – Selfish (feat. Rihanna) (Hndrxx Album)

[Intro: Rihanna] Oooh, yeah [Verse 1: Rihanna] It was right Even though it felt wrong Nothin’ ever stopped you From showin’ your progression suddenly [Bridge: Rihanna & Future] Broken lies Driving backwards Making all the wrong turns Saying all the wrong words Dodging angels [Pre-Chorus: Future & Rihanna] Oh, let’s not be alone Let’s not […]

Chris Brown – Marathon Man

Word around town, it’s a drug war Step into my crib, it’s a drug store I don’t need nothin’, I just want more Real dope boy, I took the coke on tour Take a walk with me, this a plug talk Funny how this work got me takin’ off Hittin’ it for bricks and I […]