DJ Khaled – I Can’t Even Lie (feat. Future & Nicki Minaj) (Grateful Album)

[Intro: DJ Khaled & Future] Another one (yeah yeah) We The Best Music! Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah DJ Khaled! [Chorus: Future] Lamborghini got a S Parking lot look like a movie My sex drive leave her woozy Got my B-A-B-Y in the two-seat I ain’t, I ain’t even got no time to […]

Pink Guy – Dog Festival Directions (Pink Season Album)

[Verse] If you want to eat some dog I have good news There’s an annual dog festival Where you can eat all the dog you want And it’s located in Yulin Guangxi China And the festival spans about ten days With 15 thousand dogs consumed And it goes from the 21st to the 30th of […]

Popcaan – New Level

[Intro] New level Why?! New level You know… [Verse 1] Mmmmm You nuh haffi be my friend Me nuh haffi be your friend You nah buy me food You nah take care of mi kids them Me know them a pussy from long time So, me nuh too believe inna mankind Mi future brighter than […]